I know my SAYANG :')

Hidayatul Afzam | 4/19/2013 03:04:00 PM | 6Comments |

If Death would need one more soul and he asks me to choose between you and me, what I'm gonna do is ask him for one more minute then I'll hug you as tight as I could and tell Death, "Let's go. I'm ready!"

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Fifi Zaffida said...

:)... still waiting for my MR right

nur naa'irah said...

salam..so sweet..:-)..singgah + follow here..

aein safinah said...

Bila baca macam pernah terbaca. lirik lagu ke eh ? lupa lah.. hehe btw, nice !

Sally Yatiey said...

So sweet ^_^ Saya kenal sayang saya ^_^ hehe

Busyra Bt Takiyudin said...

so sweet. :)

NinaAz said...

salam kenal blogger. jom join GA nina yeaaa :)

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